Component manufacturers and Products

ATE Power Resistors

Power Resistors 2...250 W

Danotherm Power Resistors

Power resistors for highest power liquid and air cooled protection class IP00 to IP66


FTCAP Capacitors for
Power Electronics

Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors

HITACHI High Power Semiconductors

HP IGBT Modules, Diode Modules, MOSFET Modules, HVIC

HJC Film Capacitors

Film Capacitors for Electronics and Power Electronics

IXYS Power Semiconductors

IGBT and IGBT-Modules, Power MOSFET, Diodes and Diode Modules (Schottky, FRED, Soft Recovery Diodes), Thyristors and Thyristormodules, Rectifier bridges

IXYS ICD Semiconductor- and

Solid-State-Relays, Photocoupler, Driver-ICs, Depletion-Mode-MOSFET, Telecom-ICs (Litelink, LCAS)

IXYS UK Westcode High Power Semiconductors

Diodes, Thyristors in capsule and stud housings, Presspack-IGBT, Diode/SCR-Modules, Power Stacks, Capacitors, Fuses, Accessories


MeccAL Semiconductor Cooling

Extruded Heat Sinks, High Performance Heat Sinks, Liquid Cooled Plates


SANREX Power Semiconductors

Diodes and Diode Modules (Schottky, FRED, Soft Recovery), Thyristors and Thyristormodules, TRIACs, Rectifier Bridges


SANYO DENKI Fans, Blowers and Stepping Motors

High Performance DC Fans and Blowers Stepping motor systems (2-phase, 3-phase & 5-phase) with accessories

Seifert electronic

SEIFERT Semiconductor Cooling

PC-Board-Coolers, Extruded Heat Sinks, High Performance Heat Sinks, Liquid Cooled Plates, Thermal Foils and Greases, Clip Systems

Starpower Powermodules

IGBT Modules, MOSFET Modules



Standard and SMD fuses, Semiconductor Fuses, Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes, Fuse holders and accessories