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MJC Services

Our role resides in partnership, competence, quality and competitiveness in the sector of power electronic components. Besides all the duties which a distributor assumes in fulfilling and handling logistics processes, we offer a number of additional interesting services.

Firstly, consultation. This usually involves devising modern, efficient and sustainable technical solutions.

You receive recommendations from our specialists on the best methods to select, dimension, assemble, cool and protect power semiconductors.

We also support you in modernising, converting or repairing existing technical solutions.

Our portfolio focuses on these topics and covers a major part of the requirement for components within a power range from a few watts up to several megawatts.

This includes:
  • current sensors
  • semiconductor components (unipolar and bipolar)
  • drivers
  • passive components
  • protection devices
  • assembly parts
  • heat sinks (air and liquid cooling)
  • fuses